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BIG NEWS! Eric Yow Masse Cues and Eric Yow Jump Cues FOR SALE!
NEWS:  Yow won Third - ESPN Trick Shot Magic 2009!

Greetings, and thank you for visiting my site. Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Eric "The Preacher" Yow! I consider myself to be 3-dimensional. I have a Calling, a Career, and a Craft. I am a preacher for the Chapel Hill Church of Christ (White Bluff TN), I have graduated from the University of Memphis School of Law and am a practicing Attorney at The Goble Law Firm in Clarksville, Tennessee, and I am a Professional Artistic Poolplayer (WPA World Rank #4, 2008 ESPN Trick Shot Magic 3rd Place, WPA Masse World Champion, WPA Prop/Novelty World Champion, 2007 Masters Jump Champion, 2008 Masters Bank/Kick Champion). The Lord has blessed me considerably and I fully intend to use my talents to His glory. God, through the apostle Paul, has told us that, "Whatever you do in word or deed, do ALL in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through Him to God the Father." (Colossians 3:17) I hope that my success brings not praise to me, but praise to the God that has blessed me!

On this site you'll find a plethora of artistic shots that I shoot in both professional competitions and my exhibition, "Eric Yow's Trick Shot Madness - An Artistic Pool Show ." I you are interested in hosting my exhibition, you will not be disappointed in the slightest. Email me for rates and availability. I perform virtually anywhere there's a table including schools, pool halls, tournament venues, churches, and private parties. Now, I can even take my pool table to you!

The Lord has blessed me with the determination and ability to become something great. Without Him, I would be nothing. But in my faith, He has given me more success than I could’ve asked for! (Joshua 1:7-9) Since He has blessed me so, I have taken it upon me to show the world His gifts! Most recently, I have competed and obtained 3rd at the most prestigious trick shot event in the world, ESPN "Trick Shot Magic"! Feel free to browse the site and email me if you have any questions or comments. I pray the Lord blesses you, and finds you grateful. (Please visit my current sponsors for all your billiard needs.)

NEXT SHOW: Yow teamed up with Diamond Billiard Products to get "Trick Shot Madness" on the road bigtime! Now, Yow has a Diamond table in an enclosed trailer to take to various venues to perform his exhibition. Thanks to the incredible Diamond table, Yow can arrive, set up, and be performing on a level and spectacular Diamond table within 15 minutes. If you're interested in purchasing a Diamond table or hosting a show, please feel free to contact Yow!


NEWS:   Introducing the all new "Eric Yow! Masse Cue" and the "Eric Yow! Jump Cue" for SALE!  Buy your Yow! Cues today at  The Eric Yow! Masse cue is 49" long and 24 ounces with a hard layered Husar tip and Stainless Steel ferrule. It's the perfect cue for Masse shots.  And every cue is signed by Eric "The Preacher" Yow! WPA Masse World Champion.  The Eric Yow! Jump Cue is the BEST JUMP CUE on the market!  At 41" long and just the right weight, the black phenolic tip and Stainless Steel ferrule make for an accurate and consistent jump.  Jump with power and precision EVERYTIME with your Yow! Jump Cue.  For more information, email Yow or or contact Nielsen's Billiards at or call Nielsen's Billiards at 217-585-1660 between Monday through Friday 10 a.m. 6 p.m. and Saturday 10 a.m. 4 p.m. CST.

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NEWS: Yow just took 2nd at the 2008 Masters Artistic Pool Championship! Overcoming greats such as Bruce Barthelette and Andy Segal, Yow went on to face Mark Dimick for the finals. Having come from behind by 8 points against Bruce and 17 points against Andy, his 16 point deficit behind Mark was nothing scary. Yow came from behind, playing like the champ that he is, and took the lead, holding it until the last shot. Mark picked a tough shot and made it, taking the lead. Yow stepped up to shoot it, to regain the lead and the title, but barely missed! Congrats to Mark and Yow for fantastic victories. Yow also won the medal for Bank/Kick shots. The best part of the tournament, Yow said, was during his 5 minute warmup before the finals match. Mark is fantastic at wingshots so Yow practiced one and hit it. He rolled another, looked back at Mark, and said "what's up now, Mark?!" as he shot it on the fly - and made it! Awesome. Below are some of the videos of the event.
Masters 08 - Mike Moody
Masters 08 - Matt Yuhas (1)
Masters 08 - Matt Yuhas (2)
Press Release (Word)

NEWS: I added a few more shots recently. Some were from recent shows and others from a friend's house. My new favorite is my 2 railer masse!
Forum Promo Clip
NYC Exhibition
Yow's New 2 Rail Masse Jump
Yow's New Resistance Draw 5 Railer
Yow's New 2 Railer Masse
Big Masse
Lindsey's Hair
Russian Masse in NYC
Stroke around the rack - One Handed!
Yow and Andy Segal - Jump
YinYang - Yow and Andy
Yow's Jumper

NEWS: UPDATE: I took 2nd place at the Artistic Cup, losing to Andy Segal by only 4 points!! Here are some videos from the event - - Yow's 2nd Place Shot; -- Final Shot by top players; -- Yow's Interview with Inside Pool Extreme News; -- Funny Clip of Rob Peacock; -- Jamie Moody, fastest I've seen

Right Click and Save - Basketball Shot , -- MachineGun, -- Big Masse, -- Inside Pool Interview, -- Jamie Moody, -- Mike Massey Boot (skate!) Shot, -- Peacock, --Yow's 2nd Place Shot, -- Yow's Exhibition

NEWS: "Eric Yow's Trick Shot Madness" was featured at the NEW PROVIDENCE CHURCH OF CHRIST in Clarksville, Tennessee, January 20, 2008. Eric "The Preacher" Yow was the keynote speaker at the evening worship service, which began at 6:00pm, following a fellowship meal. Theme: Jesus - Extreme Wisdom. Then, at 7:00pm, Yow amazed and astounded his audience in the fellowship hall with his performance on the pool table. Yow was over-joyed to be there for the praise and worship of God, followed by an impressive and enjoyable show of "Trick Shot Madness"!

Click Here to Watch the Sermon Video - Extreme Wisdom

Two other Sermon Clips:
Success in Joshua (Audio)
Rejoice in the Lord (Video)

NEWS: I just got back from St. Petersburg, Russia, where I competed in the 2007 WPA World Artistic Pool Championship! (Dec 6-9) Congratulations to Andy Segal for winning the coveted title. What an awesome talent, he's got! I placed 6th overall and had the time of my life! Read the full story on the PQB website - Full Story Click the picture to the right for a video of me during the players' exhibition. Right Click/Save As

NEWS: I have recently moved to Clarksville, Tennessee, to work at The Goble Law Firm and LOVE it so far! I am scheduling more shows for the rest of the year so if you are interested in hosting ERIC YOW'S TRICK SHOT MADNESS, you better act fast! Having been in Clarksville less than two weeks, I've already made headline news! Leaf-Chronicle Story And they placed two articles in one spread. ESPN Article They also interviewed me on video! Video (Click the picture to the right for the full PDF file.) To GOD be the glory!

Leaf Chronicle Article

NEW MASSE SHOTS: I was at Matt Yuhas' house again (aka Yahoo) practicing for the 2007 WPA World Artistic Pool Championship. I took a few minutes to film a few new shots for the website. Enjoy!
Yow's Over the House Masse
Yow's Masse-Jump Double-Long
Yow's Masse-Jump Double-Long Two

NEW MASSE SHOTS: I took the opportunity to film some new shots at my good friend Matt Yuhas' house in Columbia, Tennessee. Matt Yuhas is the only BCA Certified Billiard Instructor in Tennessee and is available for lessons. Check out some of these new shots!
Yow's Behind the Head Masse
Yow's No Look Masse
Yow's Gap Masse
Yow's One Foot Masse
Yow's No Long Rail
Yow's No Long Rail 2

ESPN2, August 7th, 2007 - "3-Cushion Grandmaster" aired at 7:00 pm! UPDATE: I hope you got to see the show, it was awesome! Praise the Lord for such a unique and beautiful opportunity to show how He has blessed me! The show will air again on October 14th on ESPN (check your local listings).

Watch Eric "The Preacher" Yow make his ESPN debut against Semih Sayginer, the best in the world, on a BILLIARD table! Semih Sayginer, "The Turkish Prince," is phenomenal on the billiard table. When he walks to a table, jaws drop. Sayginer is simply amazing at what he does! In "3-Cushion Grandmaster," Sayginer and I perform a series of stroke shots, of our own choice, directed only by a certain criterion for each shot, to be judged by a panel of celebrity judges (Ivan Lee of Simonis, Jeanette "The Black Widow," and Bob Jewett, president of the USBA). For instance, one of the 5 shots is called "Superdraw," where our shots were required to make a billiard point using a maximum draw stroke. Then, after we have each completed our 5-shot program, we were given one last chance to impress the judges with a "Finale" shot. This is a show you simply will NOT want to miss! Not only is it my ESPN debut, but it is the first time 3-Cushion Billiards has ever been on a major television network. Show your support and tell ESPN that you want MORE 3-Cushion Billiards! (Be sure and check out these Pictures from "3 Cushion Grandmaster".

NEW PAGE: Yow's Masse Instruction - Articles featured in Professor Q Ball's National Pool and 3-Cushion News are now available here on my Masse Instruction Page. Also, I am making myself available for those who desire master level instruction on Masse and Jump. I am more than qualified, as I am WPA Masse World Champion and APTSA Masters Jump Champion. You will not be disappointed. Email Yow! for rates and availability. See, God has blessed me with a gift. I plan to be a good steward of that gift, sharing it with others to the best of my ability.

NEW VIDEO: Yow and Mike Massey spent some time in New York City at Carom Cafe working with Miguel Torres in preparation for "3-Cushion Grandmaster." Check out this promotional video highlighting some of the 3-cushion billiard stroke shots! Each of the shots are valid points as if played in a 3-cushion billiard match! Awesome. Thanks again, Miguel!
Billiards in NYC (High Quality 70mb) ------ Billiards in NYC (Low Quality 8mb) ------ Youtube
Yow! Massey and Miguel Torres

NEWS: Yow! competed in the 2007 Masters Artistic Pool Championship, placing 8th overall and winning the Jump discipline. Praise God, for now Yow! is a Masse World Champion AND a Masters Jump Champion! Congratulations to Masters Champion Andy Segal for his victory. Yow! had defeated him in the World Championship just 3 months prior and he was back with a vengeance. In the finals, Andy Segal was just too much for Yow! to overcome and he was beaten. Could this be the beginning of a neverending rivalry between the best of friends? Quite possibly. PQB Story

NEWS: Yow! had two great shows in Pennsylvania in February! Thanks to the California University of PA for hosting my show. And a big thanks to Dave at Corner Pocket, right outside of Pittsburgh, as well! And it was a big treat having Tom "Too Kool" Kinzel at Corner Pocket with me to show the fans his patented Basketball Shot. Thanks TK!

NEWS: Yow! took 3rd in the 2006 WPA WORLD ARTISTIC POOL CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!! (December 8-10, 2006 - Fridley, Minnesota) Yow! also scored highest in the Masse discipline, as the only one who made all five masse shots, winning him the title WPA MASSE WORLD CHAMPION!!! Praise God for His indescribable blessings. Our God is an AWESOME GOD, praise HIM!!! Congratulations to Tom "Dr. Cue" Rossman for becoming the 2006 WPA World Artistic Pool Champion, to Mike "Tennessee Tarzan" Massey for coming in a close second place, and to all of the players who made a showing at this spectacular event! Full Story Here on PQB. And for the video of my masse performance - Yow's Masse Title Win!

ERIC YOW'S TRICK SHOT MADNESS: Would you like to have "Yow!" put on a show at your next billiard event? Want him to do a show for your School or Church Group? "Eric Yow's Trick Shot Madness" is the greatest artistic pool show ever seen. He will customize the show to the audience, stir up the crowd, make us laugh, and impress us with the "madness" that he creates on and around the table! E-mail Yow! to see if he's available to bring "Eric Yow's Trick Shot Madness" to your town! You won't be disappointed! Contact Yow! at

Think you have what it takes to compete professionally? Take a look at the APTSA website. There's a 56-shot program compiled for use in professional competitions. Can you make the shots? Take the leap and join the professional ranks of Artistic Pool. For more, APTSA Home Page. Click on "Shot Program" to see the shots we shoot in the pros. Got what it takes? Come play with us!

ATTENTION ROOM OWNERS: Would you like to hold a professional Artistic Pool tournament in your room? Want to bring the big boys to your town for an event? Let me know and I'll give you the necessary details to make it happen. Draw a crowd by bringing in the Artistic Pool superstars like Andy "The Magic Man" Segal, Mike "Tennessee Tarzan" Massey, Bruce "The Big Guy" Barthelette, Nick "Quick Nick" Nikolaidis, Charles "Spitball Charlie" Darling, Tom "Dr. Cue" Rossman, and many, many more of the Greats for heated competition!

PROMO CLIPS and MASSE VIDEO (Don't forget to see the other pages FULL of videos!)
Promo Clip 1 (Band - Hoobastank, Song - "Out of Control") Promo Clip 1
Promo Clip 2 (Band - Flaw, Song - "Turn the Tables") Promo Clip 2
Masse Video (17 min, Pink Floyd) Masse Video
Promo Clip 3 (Band - Within Temptation, Song - "See Who I Am" intro) Promo Clip 3
Masse Insanity (Band - Clutch, Song - "Cracker Jack") Masse Insanity
Yow! Runnin' Racks Yow! Runnin' Racks

MASSE INSANITY: It's madness, absolute insanity...Masse Insanity! After a recent acquisition of a Dennis Dieckman Masse Cue, aka "Magic Wand", I decided to put together a video of the craziest masse shots ever seen together in one place. Well, friends, I'll let you be the judge of whether or not I was successful in doing so. It is my hope that this particular video changes the way the world looks at Artistic Pool. Not a single shot in this video is a set-up shot, nor a hanger. I am proud to say that the Lord has given me the diligence and aspiration to accomplish great things in this sport. I believe this video is a landmark for me as a player. I genuinely hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it. Right Click, Save As


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