Eric "The Preacher" Yow's Trickshot Madness! - WPA Masse World Champion

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Master Shot List

Masters 08 - Mike Moody
Masters 08 - Matt Yuhas (1)
Masters 08 - Matt Yuhas (2)
Press Release (Word)

Yow's New 2 Rail Masse Jump
Yow's New Resistance Draw 5 Railer
Yow's New 2 Railer Masse
Big Masse
Lindsey's Hair
Russian Masse in NYC
Stroke around the rack - One Handed!
Yow and Andy Segal - Jump
YinYang - Yow and Andy
Yow's Jumper

Yow's 2nd Place Shot (youtube) ; -- Yow's 2nd Place Shot
Final Shot by top players; --
Yow's Interview with Inside Pool Extreme News (youtube) ; -- Inside Pool Interview
Funny Clip of Rob Peacock (youtube)
; -- Peacock
Jamie Moody, fastest I've seen (youtube)
, -- Jamie Moody, --
Basketball Shot , --
MachineGun, --
Big Masse
, --
Mike Massey Boot (skate!) Shot, --
Yow's Exhibition

Yow's Exhibition on Russian TV

PROMO CLIPS, etc Forums - Youtube
Exhibition for "9 Ball" The Movie - Youtube
Yow! and Mike Massey with Miguel Torres in New York City, at Carom Cafe 3cNYC hi quality, 3cNYC low quality, Youtube
Yow! and Myra MyMyra (youtube)
Yow's 2006 Masse World Championship Win Yow's Masse Win!
Masse Insanity (Band - Clutch, Song - "Cracker Jack") Masse Insanity
Promo Clip 1 (Band - Hoobastank, Song - "Out of Control") Promo Clip 1
Promo Clip 2 (Band - Flaw, Song - "Turn the Tables") Promo Clip 2
Masse Video (17 min, Pink Floyd) Masse Video
Promo Clip 3 (Band - Within Temptation, Song - "See Who I Am" intro) Promo Clip 3
Zockertoys 3-D Pool (Children's pool table) 3D Pool, by Zockertoys
2006 WPA World Artistic Pool Championship (Highlights) 2006 WC (youtube)
Break and Run x2 Runafew (youtube)
Two Racks in 2 minutes Runafewmore (youtube)
Runnin' Racks Runnin Some More (youtube)
19 Winshots Just Wingin It (youtube)

BILLIARDS (3-Cushion)
3 Cushion Practice at Professor Q Ball's House 1 (youtube)
3 Cushion Practice at Professor Q Ball's House 2 (youtube)

Take it to the Bank (youtube)
3 Long Rails
Yow's Reposition 8 Ball Timing Shot
The Bank Launch
Bank Race
Bank Jump

Shooting off Laura's mouth (youtube)
Fancy Wingshots (youtube)
6 Follow Split

Yow's Rain
BB Reverse
Mike Massey Spinner
Easy 5 in 1
Angelo's Railroad
Swingin' Rack
Spinnin' Rack
Yow's Golf Shots
14 + 1
Ten in One
Oh, That Poor Ceiling!
Timing Kick

Jump Drills at Samples (youtube)
1mm Jumps (youtube)
Up Over Around & Through
Bruce's Moving Jump
Jumpin' Kevin
Hit The Cup
Chalk's Width Masse Jump
Yow's Jumpin' Through Hoops
Big Guy Box Shot
Big Guy Jump
Snake Eyes
Jump to Easy Three
Yow's Bull's Eye
Yow's No-Look Behind-the-back Jump Shot
Timing Jump
Too Close
The Boot Shot
Yow's Jump Escape
The Long Jump
Jump A Ball From One Ball's Width Away
Jump Drills
Bottle Shot
Four Ball Bottle Shot
Five Ball Bottle Shot
Yow! How'd he do that?!
Jump Escape
One-Handed Jump
One-Handed Jump Through A Tire
Jump Keith

Yow's Over the House Masse
Yow's Masse-Jump Double-Long
Yow's Masse-Jump Double-Long Two
Yow's Behind the Head Masse
Yow's No Look Masse
Yow's Gap Masse
Yow's One Foot Masse
Yow's No Long Rail
Yow's No Long Rail 2
Masse Around Laura at Samples (youtube)

Masse Around Carrie at WC (youtube)
Masse Around Myra (youtube)
Yow's 2 Rail Reverse Masse
Yow's Masse Herd Bruce's Masse
Big Guy's Masse Jump Shot
Yow's Reposition Pique
Yow's Pique Challenge
Yow's Up-ramp
Yow's Pique 2
Yow's Pique 1
Yow's Pique 3
Yow's Pique 4
Yow's Triple Shorty
Yow's Holland37
Yow's Resistance Masse
Neu Masse
Neu Masse 2
Masse Jump Reverse
Masse Jump Reverse 2
Wicked Masse Jump
Masse Slide
Masse Slide 2
Mingaud Masse Jump
Mingaud Masse
3 Rail Masse
Yow's Masse Jump
Masse-Jump Shot for Distance
The Rocket
Fat Masse
Machine Gun
YoYo Masse
10 ball combo masse
Bank masse
Center masse
Long Distance Masse
Gap Masse
Hustler Masse
jawed masse
Masse Escape
Passing Lane
Rack Masse
Rainbow Masse
simple masse
Simple masse 2
Simple masse 3
Wall Masse
Wicked Masse

5 Pro Follow Shots (youtube)
Big Guy Spinner
Kiss Force Follow
Force Follow
Yow's Reverse 123
Long Distance Curve
Wicked Cheese
Follow Rail-Hug
The Close Draw
Circular Follow plus a bank
Kiss-Kick-Jump-Follow Shot
Through the Gap
Circular Draw Shot
Draw Around the Rack
Stroke Around the Rack